Shaker Boxes

Did you know exactly what were the uses of shaker boxes?

Back before plastic, before tupperware and baggies, people still needed a way to store tea, spices and other small items. Bent-wood "pantry boxes" were used for this purpose because they were strong and light.

Long handles could be added to make them easier to carry, whether to market or for collecting eggs.This usefulness appealed to the Shakers and they adopted the style. However, as with other items, they soon modified it for their own needs and preferences.

Shakers disliked ornate and ostentatious work, preferring instead the creed that "beauty is utility." Despite this emphasis on practicality, they created work that was carefully and gracefully made. This care resulted in work that was both useful and beautiful.

I personally have quite a few shaker boxes myself but none dating back to the 1800 or even 1900's but ones made by shakers and I love them!