Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Simply Your Life

Sorry it's been so long since I've posted but it's actually for our good.

Recently my husband and I have really been trying to live more simply, such as getting rid of stuff we dont need or use, or practicing alternative ways to do things, such as composting, making our own concoctions, selling away stuff at the flea markets to save for our future dream of purchasing an RV/Camper and travel and find a new place to live simply/off grid.

Funny thing is, we are both on board to simplifying our lives, the husband donated 4 large grabage bags full of shoes and clothing to good will and I well, have done the same and more. I am one of those people who want stuff gone so I don't mind giving it away if someone really needs it, that's when I freecycle it locally.

Sometimes I sit back and realize how good it feels to get rid of stuff, I currently live off approximately 30 pieces of clothing, a few pairs of shoes and it feels amazing. I realize after all this time that "stuff" doesn't make me happy like I thought it did. I don't need to have the coolest things or the best house I just want to be happy and I AM!

On that note, we put our house on the market and hoping for a few showing to come our way and then we can begin our dream of traveling, oh how much fun it will be!

Tracy - SimpleTimeLiving
My love of repurposing, homesteading, learning to be
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