Friday, May 12, 2017

Compost bin...check... NEXT a homemade bug repellant spray

I have to admit this is getting to be so much fun, learning new ways to be self-reliant and making my own things. Yesterday I got the compost bin finished and didn't need the carbon filters just some holes all around with some browns and greens to start it up and it's complete.

Today I made a homemade bug repellant recipe I found on a wonderful website (link down below) called the "Vinegar of the Four Thieves" which has a story behind it. I have it sitting for approx. 3 weeks till I can strain the herbs and get to using it before mosquitos and other yucky bugs come at us with the warm weather.

If you have a tried and true recipe, please let me know if the comments below, until next time... Live Simply!

Vinegar of Four Thieves Recipe and credit to Wellness Mama.

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