Monday, April 24, 2017

The Wheels are turning....

Such a true statement but not as far as a bus but the wheels are turning in our heads and everyone is so on board now with simplified living. The reality of it all is we are ready, I was able to start simplifying my life by selling off a bunch of my belongings at the flea market yesterday, made a decent amount, put some in savings and the rest to my credit card which is now PIF. It's a start to a dream that will come true.

Spoke with hubby yesterday and as much as he loves his "things" he agreed to sell off our professional embroidery machine and t-shirt printing machine, even if it means taking a MAJOR loss on it just to gather funds to fund our dream. This is E X C I T I N G !!!

YouTube has been our friend lately and once we start this journey, we will also start our own youtube channel complete with videos, bloopers included just to record the process, the ups and downs, mistakes and ideas. So keep on the lookout for that in 2018!

For now, the saving begins and the house selling process will begin shortly, stay tuned!

Tracy - Simple Time Living
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