Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Off the grid....

Lately, my hubby and I have been watching videos on YouTube about living off the grid, building a tiny house, etc. And of course, it's appealing to me, some guy made a van into an off the grid camper, with solar panels, storage, kitchen and fully insulated for less than $5K, not bad if you ask me. It didn't have a bathroom though so that kinda bothered me but he did mention taking showers with a portable shower (water holder) and a magnetic shower curtain with rod once he opened the back doors to the van, kinda neat. Just not so much liking the no toilet.... I mean even a compost toilet would be an option, something to think about for the future I guess. For me this is an option but I would much rather buy a camper that is drivable, then fix it up how I see fit, since it still would be under $5K since around my area, people just want to basically give stuff away because it's just sitting in their garage or yard and not being used. Just the other day I saw a camper online for $800... what a bargain. If anyone has converted their camper into an oasis or even a van/truck into a camper, please show the love and send us pictures and a rough cost :)

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