Saturday, April 29, 2017

Murphy here for a visit?

I say that with worry in my heart, lately things  and little things only, are becoming a pain in the hiney. First the toilet seat broke ($6 fix at walmart), bathroom door hinge getting loose (Screwgun fix), just redid the dining room and living room hardwood floors and notice the chairs made scratches, no fix unless we want to sand down and start again, our dog Bella had to go to the vet ($300 later she has bladder stones) and we can try our homemade recipe of apple cider vinegar with food or water or pay another $800 to have them removed. Mind you our previous dog had the same issue we paid for the surgery and she passed away a week later. So for now, the apple cider vinegar is our first try and believe it or not, she actually likes it with yogurt. So without further ado, I will be planting some pretty flowers outside today in this lovely weather and get to cleaning.

Another day tomorrow at the flea market with the hopes to make some money to save for the future Tiny House and Land OR pay for the surgery for my baby girl Bella. Crossing my fingers the ACV works as I've been reading about how it's worked for other Shih Tzu dog owners. Prayers Please.

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