Friday, July 17, 2015

Make your own Primitive Spice Rack

Hey there and good day my Simple Time Living friends.

I just wanted to show you something I made from an old 7-up wooden rack and some small 4oz. ball jars with rusty looking lids. I made a spice rack.

It's easy to do as I'm sure you could find someone selling an old rack (I already have 2) and you can find 4 oz. ball jars on the internet or local candle supply store and you can also find the lids in the same places.

Put in your spices, make some cute tags (I used a paper punch and kraft cardstock) and write in the spice name and using ribbon or what ever you want, attach it to the jar. I'm even tempted to attach a cute rusty bell as well (you can view my previous post on rusting)

Take a peek and tell me if you've made something similar or just want to know where you can obtain supplies. Pictures are awesome, please do share.

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