Thursday, July 16, 2015

My Flea Market Finds

Living Simply, does have it advantages, especially at flea markets and yard sales. Take a peek at my finds and post your comments. Remember to click on each picture for a bigger one.

This is a Shaker House Tissue Box, retails for $66.25, I paid $10. I normally wouldnt have picked up a tissue box holder shaker box but this struck me as gorgeous and I just had to have it. Hubby was with me this day and is always impressed when I find a good deal and he actually told me he likes this and ran out to buy me a box of tissues to put inside.

Believe this! This is a Longaberger Basket (that I added a bunch of sweet annie to) and this cost me a whopping $1, not sure of it's retail and I sure hope the young lady who sold me this didn't get in trouble for it. I just happened to wander past her table and pick up the basket thinking she probably wants a lot for it, I asked her how much and she said "It's only $1", I grabbed this baby up so fast.

Fabric Covered Boxes set of 2, I paid $3 and they look so adorable in my living room stacked so nicely. I am crafty but I just cant seem to get it down how to cover these boxes without looking like a child did it, glad I was able to find these 2, lol
This is a PeterBoro Wastebasket, not sure of it's value but around $80, I paid $0, yep someone was throwing this cutie away and hubby was the one who actually picked this up for me, gotta love him!

This is an Irvins Tin Wear Tart Burner, picked up at a local yard sale for $2, works perfectly (as you can see) and has an awesome silhouette of a pineapple when turned on. I'm not much into pineapples but since I make my own tarts I just had to have this and the price was just right.

This for some reason I was so happy to have picked these up, a set of burgundy plaid prarie curtains and valance for $3. When I saw these, I hurried up and picked them up like I had struck gold. To me I did hit the jackpot as these retail for the panels alone $60 and the valance $30-$40.

If ANYONE has the matching prarie curtains (panels only) please comment and let me know. I need one more set for the other window in the living room. Must be 63" long and I need both panels. THANKS!

I am an avid flea market shopper, I usually go on Sundays when there are more sellers and of course a better selection to choose from.

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