Sunday, October 2, 2011

Super Couponing... and loving it....

Today was the day to get some goodies and while I clipped for a bit and planned my shopping strategy, it surely paid off.

I got a total of $179.19 and OOP was: $39.95. BUT received $40.50 rewards at Rite Aid which means I got my items for free and got paid .55 cents to take them! That's right, I got everything for FREE! This is my best shopping trip yet and even took the hubby along for the ride and of course his "viewing" pleasure. He was excited, even more so than I. Seems like he might be taking the ride with me on Sundays more often.

Another thing I noticed is the shelves at Rite Aid and CVS were full, this has NEVER happened to me before so Sundays will be my usual day for getting my goodies.

Nows here a peek at what I got, I see Christmas gifts in here!

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