Sunday, July 17, 2011

Junkin' Day Finds...

Ok so I went to the HUGE flea market and while I saw a bunch of things I "wanted" I only picked up a few things. Those being a small handheld boot scraper, a tin measuring cup with pouring spout and 4 bags of Chef Michaels Dog foods for my pups. (psst.... they were only $1 a bag and the expiration isnt till 9/2011).

The family and I did however see tons of dogs, 2 birds that the owners let us hold, pet rats (ewwww), chickens, baby chicks, turkeys, goats, pigs and alpacas. We made a pit stop to Country Junction and I was a good girl, didn't get a thing but sure had fun seeing the animals and spending time with the family.

Goes to show that you can get a few things for a couple bucks, have time with the family and actually have fun. Now that's Simple Living.

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