Monday, May 16, 2011

It's time to get back to Simple Living...

Yeah, I said Simple Living, lol... Sometimes when times are hard or money is scarce you tend to go into simple living mode, well that sounds just like me right now. Not that I need to be living simply but I often wonder how back in the days, families of 10 fed, clothed and provided for everyone which brings me to conquer my next task of living simply.

For the next couple weeks I am going to try and make-do with what I have, spend less and just live simple, yeah I said it. I've already started with couponing to help save money and well, the sound of getting things for free or close to free, appeals to me, lol.

Now the family might not like the idea of me making food from what's in the pantry but whatever I make it will taste super yummy and they will like it. So if anyone, has a simple recipes with ordinary items that "should" be in anyone's pantry, send them to me!

Now who ever said you can't make your own clothes or conjure up you own neat idea when it comes to preparing food? It's time for me to keep my sewing machine in order, get some primitive crafts made and some new food on the dinner table.

Tracy - Simple Living
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