Sunday, March 13, 2011

Canning, preserving and all that jazz

I have to admit, I am totally new to canning and preserving and REALLY want to learn how to do it, especially drying out spices for my custom spice jars I want to make. I am one who dreams of having a pantry stock full of preserves to include jams and jellies, dried spices and vegetables too.

So if any of my readers knows a great recipe or even the perfect book to get to help me get started, please leave me a comment and also let me know what supplies I will need such as the perfect canner, tools and jars.

As many of my friends and family can tell you I surely dont have a green thumb and wish to try my hand at gardening this year, so tips and tricks are appreciated.

Did you know:
Canning began its illustrious history with Nicolas Appert of France who in 1795 discovered that food sealed in glass bottles under heat was an effective food preservation method. However, it was Englishman Peter Durand who patented the tin can packaging process in 1810.

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